Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2

So Close, Yet so Far

I really love where Fear the Walking Dead is taking us! The journey is going to be amazing.

Looking forward to see what happens in the next episode!

Still not a lot of undead action, but there will be plenty to come. The break down of society is very much how I would expect it and how dooms day preppers imagine it in Fear.  However, I would like to think in a society where we spend so much time on social media that even if we were not being told by news broadcasts and government agencies we would still have a pretty damn good idea of what is going on.

Like many critics I want Kim Dickens to be strong lead female, but so far she is doing some stupid things. I cannot understand why she did not tell her daughter what is really happening…  She def is representing the lengths a mother will go to for the love of her child.

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Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 4-11

ellen-pompeo greys_anatomy_01_303_404_touchstone_television greys-feat-720x547 images MV5BMjI3NDA3NDkxM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjk3NDg4Ng@@__V1_SX214_AL_Yes, yes; I hate to admit it, but I did watch them all.

Unfortunately, Meredith, the center of the show is my least favorite character. I have high hopes since the demise of her love interest she will in turn become more interesting. Otherwise, she is a bit of a bore.

However some of the other characters are quite interesting. One of the greatest losses on the show for me was the character Mark Sloan. He was funny and gave the show a little comedic relief. Alex Karev gives the show an edge it just would not have without him. Oh, how I hope the rumors Cristina Yang will return are true.

I would have to say it is worth a lazy Saturday binge watch on Netflix.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1

This episode builds great suspense at times where nothing really happens, but it hints at great moments to come.  They are normal blended family with a son who is an addict; I guess in America these days that is pretty much the norm. I think this first episode was getting to know the main characters and setting up for the storyline, but the writers should remember they only have a 6 episode season to have fans hungry for more as they are for The Walking Dead each season.

Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens both come to the show with massive resumes. We have seen them in supporting roles in tv shows and movies, but the stand out in this episode for me was Frank Dillane as Nick Clark. He has a short resume of film and television, but I read one critics review of this episode and they spoke to how he reminded them of Johnny Depp.  I see it as well and I am looking forward to see how he handles the development of this particular character.

fear-1 fear4

Grey’s Anatomy Season 3

Ok, the characters are not so loveable anymore.

Eternal whiner, Meredith Grey, please shut up with your selfish poor me crap. Everyone in the world has mountains of crap to go through. Truly, I have to believe real doctors could not be so selfish. Then there is Derek Shepherd with perpetual tears in his eyes. OMG! Get over it all ready…

My fav is still Cristina. I actually cried on her “wedding day.”

The story line remains interesting. Meredith’s near death experience was a bit much for me, but for dramatic effect I get it.


Grey’s Antatomy Seasons 1 & 2

OK, I was never interested in this show. A few weeks ago, my friend who is currently watching Season 11 told me I should give it a try and since I LOVED ER I thought, “Why not?”

I am so glad I did!

From McDreamy to McSteamy to McDog I love these characters! I have to say Kristina is my favorite but there is something about Alex that makes him run a close second.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

This show actually made me cry twice in Season 2.Once when Preston was in surgery and when Izzy’s love and patient Denny died. It wasn’t that Denny died really, but more the tenderness of the moment when she laid there on the bed with him crying and Alex picked her up and carried her from the room.

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Joe (2013)

8 of 10.

The best film Nicolas Cage has been in since the 90’s. I love his character Joe Ransom and his struggle with the anger he has inside and his humanity. An ex-con with a big heart who wants to help people including the character Gary, played by Tye Sheridan (MUD) who is being abused by his brutal alcoholic father played by Gary Poulter.

Gary Poulter was found by the casting team living homeless in the streets of Austin. He had always had dreams of being an actor, but sadly passed away before seeing himself on the big screen.


The Judge (2014)

8 of 10.

Intelligent, fast talking defense attorney Hank Palmer returns to his childhood home (in the midst of his marriage falling apart)  where his father, the town’s judge, is suspected of murder. Hank sets out to discover the truth and, along the way, reconnects with his family.

This was a really great heart felt movie; while a bit cliché I did find the characters to likeable and entertaining.


The Walking Dead More Season 6 Predictions

I have searched the net again for Season 6 predictions. Here are my thoughts on what I found.

1.  Michonne and Morgan hook up. Michonne is so independent I find it hard to see her with anyone, but they both need someone. It would mean her moving on from the loss of her boyfriend and Morgan moving on from the loss of his wife whom he loved so much. I certainly wouldn’t want to see Michonne in any situation that makes her emotionally vulnerable. I found this one on http://www.fashionnstyle.com/articles/54984/20150405/the-walking-dead-season-6-spoilers-predictions-premiere-date-michorgan-alexandrian-deaths-and-more.htm

2.  Negan will arrive. I think if this happens it will be in the second half of the season because I believe our group will be forced to deal with the Wolves first. Found on http://www.fashionnstyle.com/articles/54984/20150405/the-walking-dead-season-6-spoilers-predictions-premiere-date-michorgan-alexandrian-deaths-and-more.htm

3.  Carl may lose an eye. I think again this is one of the things that can happen in a comic book, but would be more difficult for TV. We have all ready seen it with the Governor, so would it be too repetitive for viewers? Not to mention we have all the tweens who have their crushes on Chandler Riggs-how would they feel if poor Carl lost an eye? I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t want to see it because I want to see Carl grow up in the course of the show and possibly become a leader himself one day. Sure he could do that without an eye, but haven’t we seen Carl go through enough? Found onhttp://www.wetpaint.com/2015-03-27-season-6-rollercoaster-bigger-cast/

4.  Daryl my die. I read this on Facebook all the time. Daryl may die. Yes, he might.  He is the least safe of all the characters in the eyes of many because he isn’t even in the comic books. First, we have to think about his relationship with Rick. He has become Rick’s right hand, his brother. If Morgan fills that role where will Daryl fit in? He has a new role as recruiter, but that is dangerous. He is a fan favorite for sure and AMC would lose some money if there was no more Daryl Dixon merchandise to sell. Norman Reedus is also a fan favorite because he is so interactive with the public. Let’s face it, ladies love the Dixon. I’d certainly like to see him grow and develop more. Maybe even find a love interest; if AMC has to kill off Daryl maybe he could die sacrificing himself for his lover-we’d love that wouldn’t we? Let’s face it if Daryl dies fans may riot, they say it all the time.

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